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Items of Interest from 5th Grade Final

  1. This is the first premiership for nine of the team members and first grade premiership for ten of them. Michael Holmes had played in three PG premierships with St.George in 04-05, 06-07 & 07-08. Nathan Whittingham was previously a member of our 4th Grade team in 06-07 and our 3rd Grade team in 2011-12.
  2. This is our first grade premiership since 2011-12, when we won 3rd & 4th Grades.
  3. It is our first 5th Grade premiership since 2000-01 (captained by Dave Givney).
  4. It is our 42nd premiership in our 54 years in the competition. Only St.George with 46 has won more premierships in those 54 years.
  5. Nick Wilson is the first Pom to play in a winning final team since Simon Ellison was a member of the 5th Grade team in 1999-00 (also captained by Dave Givney and including Stuart Clark & a very young Matt Hughston).
  6. Mat Duff found out that Michael Holmes is the nephew of John Quinlan, proprietor of JD’s Bar & Grill.
  7. Nathan Whittingham’s 5th Grade record now stands at 51 matches, 1022 runs, 107 wickets & 30 catches. He played his first 20 matches in 5ths between 2003-04 (AWG season) & 2005-06, scoring 192 runs and taking 31 wickets & 10 catches. He has captained the last two seasons in 5ths, reaching the semi-final last season and now winning this season. In those two seasons, he’s played 31 matches, scoring 840 runs (at 35.0) and taking 76 wickets (at 11.6) & 20 catches.


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