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Milestones & Statistics Missed During Season - Thu 16 Mar

While doing the end of season statistics, the following milestones were noted as having been missed during the season:

Tom Pinson – 200 matches in all rounds (Round 15)

Andrew Ritchie – 50 matches in 1st Grade (Round 9)

Alex Watkiss – 1000 runs in 3rd Grade (Round 4)

Steve Kourouche – 1000 runs in 5th Grade (Round 12)

Tom Doyle – 50 wickets in 1st Grade (Round 10)

Tom Vandermaal – 50 wickets in 5th Grade (Round 15)

Dylan Holdstock – 50 catches in all grades (Round 11)

Matthew Bradley – passed Phil Jaques (11512) to move into 2nd place on the list of most runs scored in all grades (Round 14)


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