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Weekend Milestones & Statistics - Tue 15 Nov

Tom Straker – 50 wickets in all grades (Sun)

Matthew Bradley’s 112 in 3rd Grade on Saturday was his 18th century for the Club. He has scored 7 in 1st Grade, 1 in 1st Grade L/O,  4 in 2nd Grade, 4 in 3rd Grade, 1 in 5th Grade & 1 in Poidevin-Gray Shield. He is now one behind Matthew Hughston, who scored 19 centuries. Phil Jaques has the most centuries for the Club with 25.

Sam Konstas scored his first century for the Club on Sunday, 115 in the Poidevin-Gray Shield match at GMO. He has now scored 11 centuries in grade cricket. In 2019-20, he scored 114 in 4ths and 103no in 5ths for St.George. He played for Easts in 2020-21 and scored 4 centuries in the space of 11 days (101 in 3rds, 113no in 4ths and 134 & 114 in AWG). Back at St.George in 2021-22, he scored 3 centuries in a record-breaking AWG series (141no, 104 & 106), plus 103 in 2nds. His ages at the dates of his first century in each grade were:

4th Grade – 14y 24d

5th Grade – 14y 164d

AWG Shield – 15y 102d

3rd Grade – 15y 106d

2nd Grade – 16y 119d

P-G Shield – 17y 42d


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