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Results for Round 1 yesterday

This is a detailed summary of yesterday’s matches. Please see comments below the match details regarding the new PlayHQ system.



Sutherland 176 off 46.5 overs (Sam Konstas 4, Jarryd Biviano 12, Tom Doyle 66, Dylan Holdstock 16, Daniel Fallins 36, Justin Green 0, Andrew Deitz 13, Tom Pinson 3, Andrew Ritchie 4, Tom Straker 2*, Liam Hehir 2).

Northern District 2/96 off 22.2 overs (Tom Straker 2-0-29-0, Liam Hehir 5-2-12-1, Tom Pinson 4-0-19-1, Daniel Fallins 6-0-20-0, Andrew Ritchie 5.2-0-16-0, Daniel Fallins 1c).

ND won on DLS method – target score was 65.


Match abandoned.


Northern District 6/227 off 50 overs (Josh Wiseman 9-0-66-2, Luke Ritchie 9-1-33-1, Lachlan Ritchie 8-1-34-1, Jarrod Graham 4-0-24-0, Om Sah 10-2-39-1, Luke Cutcliffe 10-0-31-1, Cody Philipson 2c, Luke Cutcliffe 2c, Jamie Weaver 1c).

Sutherland 3/81 off 32.4 overs (Jamie Weaver 10, Hayden Lindsay 30, Saul Spyrides 13, Cody Philipson 8*, Luke Ritchie 16*).

ND won on DLS method – target score was 125.


Sutherland 0/54 off 15 overs (Matthew Bradley 32*, Jake St.John 14*).

Match drawn – washed out.


Sutherland 158 off 44.5 overs (Jared Ball 12, Zac Whetters 0, Vir Jamwal 1, Fred Wilson 70, Steve Kourouche 0, Aiden Rider 23, Andrew Gerovassilis 1, Kunwar Brar 0, Lachlan Pont 14, Luke Lawless 5*, Arjun Chhetri 3).

Northern District 3/141 off 30.5 overs (Lachlan Pont 4-0-19-0, Kunwar Brar 9-3-34-3, Zac Whetters 6-1-24-0, Jared Ball 2-0-6-0, Luke Lawless 3-0-16-0, Arjun Chhetri 5.5-0-41-0, Steve Kourouche 1-0-1-0, Steve Kourouche 1c, Fred Wilson 1c).

ND won on DLS method – target score was 139 off 42 overs.

The link to get scores under the new PlayHQ system is then click on Select for the grade you want to see. You then click on the round you want and click on the arrow on the right of the match to see the scorecard.

At present, you cannot see a full scorecard until the match has been finalised. For matches that are being live scored, you will be able to see the current score (although there were massive problems with this yesterday, partly due to the CA server apparently going down at one stage during the day!). For matches that are not being live scored, it currently means that we cannot enter progressive details during the day (e.g. entering the scorecard for the first innings of the match). Hopefully CA will rectify these issues this week; otherwise I don’t think we will be able to enter any details for day 1 of a 2-day match that isn’t being live scored. I will continue to prepare a detailed summary of matches each Sunday morning and post them on our website plus Facebook page until these deficiencies are rectified. The new system has been hopelessly organised for the start of the season. CNSW will be following up all of these issues with CA this week. Let’s hope things are better next Saturday!

Tom Iceton


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